So, I ran into an unusual problem.  Previously I had been happily using a “catch-all” feature on my domain.  If you are not familiar with this concept, it means that if someone were to email a random address at my domain (say the email would automatically get forwarded to my preferred email address (say

This enabled me to be able to generate on the fly email addresses, so that, for instance, if I wanted a unique email address for my login to, I could use WITHOUT specifically setting up such an email address on my domain.

This worked fine for years, until my hosting company suddenly and unexpectedly pulled support for catch all email addresses.  Now I have to setup each address on my domain.  Which isn’t terribly difficult, as long as you know the names you want to setup.

I had used so many on the fly address using the catch-all feature that I no longer knew which addresses I had used.   Messages ultimately USED to be delivered to my gmail account, but once the hosting company cut off support, all those emails would bounce back to the senders.

How to fix this? Well my domain hosting company could not give me a list of the addresses that email had been sent to, so I started to plough my old gmail messages, but it was very slow and laborious to open each message (the inbox view does not display the address to which the email was sent), then copy it and put it in my domain email forwarding form.

What I needed was a tool to be able to download my messages where I could just look at the receiving address then edit that, export it to a file and upload that to my domain hosting system.

This is where  Save Emails to PDF from comes in.   They have a “save emails to PDF” feature that actually allows groups of message to be downloaded in different formats, including Excel.  What you get is a spreadsheet with message id, from address to address, cc, bcc, date, subject, etc. etc.  including a column with URLs to PDFs of the messages themselves.

I am sure there are tons of potential uses for this tool (only one of many the company offers), but for me, it will allow me to get all of the “to” addresses from my old emails and hopefully save me hours of manually reviewing my emails.

The product is free for limited use (200 messages/month) or $9.99 for a full business license.


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