Vexillology is the study of flags,  as well as a word worth lots of points in Scrabble.

Around Amsterdam you will see some common and not so common flags.  Here is a brief guide.

First off there is the tricolor flag of the Netherlands, seen all over the country.

And proudly waived by this boat passenger on the Amsterdam canals today.

Then there is this one, which is not as many people guess the flag of the red light district, nor Vin Diesel’s personal flag,  but the flag of the city of Amsterdam.

It is widely seen throughout the city, as here, at the City Archives.

Next are some subculture and subsubculture flags that may or may not be new to you.

The gay pride rainbow flag will be familiar to most people, and since Amsterdam is very gay friendly,  the flag is widely seen throughout the city.

The leather flag is a sign of BDSM and seen in the red light district outside appropriate clubs and shops. Some of them have very scary window displays.

A new one to me that I spotted today took a little research. I learned this is the bear flag. Not the animal,  nor Bear Grylls, but the hairy gay man variety.

Now you know,  enjoy them all!

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