Today we decided to get out of the house, although it was a typical British rainy day.  30 minutes west of Torquay is the town of Totnes.  There was a castle here as early as 907AD, but today the most interesting architecture is Elizabethan.

The Normans got here early and the motte and bailey style castle is typical of an early Norman design.  This was started during the reign of William 1, i.e. King William the Conqueror and the location was the highest navigable point along the Dart river.  The modern town’s design more or less matches the layout from this time.

Totnes is said to have more listed buildings per capita than any other town in the UK.  For computer history fans, Charles Babbage had a close family connection to the town and studied locally before going on to college.

The Church of St. Mary is in the heart of the town and has a very pretty, elaborate Elizabethan style screen around the choir.

Unfortunately we arrived too late in the day to see the traders who dress up in Elizabethan costume to run their stalls on Tuesday mornings, although we were there on the right day of the week.

Mostly what we got to do was wander around the town, looking at a few shops and having some tea.

Not very exciting, I know, but worth a few photos at least!

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