Since I was coming to the UK on miles for a family event, I thought I’d take a few days to go somewhere else in Europe, since the award would cover the flight. Didn’t want to go somewhere Kelly might want to visit, since she is not with me on this trip. She was here many moons ago and although I’ve been to Poland before, I had not been to it’s capital. I also have done some work involving Warsaw, and have a few contacts, so here I am.

I ended up with a day flight to London via Chicago, which meant I needed to overnight at Heathrow before flying on to Warsaw. Chopin airport is very modern, and connected to the city by a new, fast, convenient, and cheap light rail system.

Once I got to my hotel, I met up with Zybyszek, who grew up in the US, graduated UT, then emigrated to the country of his parent’s birth.

For dinner we went to a local milk bar,a hangover from the communist era. These are sort of cheap local cafeteria that serve simple, authentic Polish meals very cheap. Not everything is dairy, and there was no  “bar” in sight. The one we went to was surprisingly decorated in a very trendy fashion. The food was indeed simple and inexpensive, but tasty and excellent value none the less. I had hot borscht ( beet soup), which was zesty ( maybe had a little horseradish in it), carrot slaw, and kasha ( buckwheat) with mushrooms. All for less than a cup of Starbucks at home.

My hotel room is nice enough, but I don’t think I’ve ever stayed in a room with only one single bed in it before, even though there is plenty of room for a king sized bed in the room. I suppose it makes no difference since I am on my own, but it made me realize that every other hotel room I’ve seen had at least two singles or a queen or larger.

2 thoughts to “Warsaw – Pact and ready.

  • Azeltir

    How long are you there? Seems like it'd be cold this time of year. I can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving!


  • David Finkel Photography

    Until Saturday. Yes it is cold, but I am well prepared!


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