As part of the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Austin Jewish Film Festival we had a great concert featuring an amazing musician by the name of David Amram.  Amram plays all sorts of instruments and plays many styles of music.  He has also collaborated with an incredible array of musicians including Dizzie Gilespie, Pete Seeger, etc.  The tie in with our film festival was that a documentary had recently been made about him, which we showed on the opening night of the festival and had David in attendance to answer questions.

I am the techie guy on the AJFF committee and ended up helping organize the technical part of the concert.  In addition, I typically photograph most of the important events, usually for our local Jewish newspaper, the Outlook, as well as to document the event for our archives.   The concert took place at Congregation Agudas Achim and the with the theatrical lighting we brought in, I was able to get some really strong images.  I made the photos available to Mr. Amram and his publicist and evidently they included a few in the portfolio that is part of his press packet.

Last week the New York Times was running a article and needed a photo of David.  The one they liked best was one of mine and so they licensed it from me.  Unfortunately this only appeared in the local New York edition and not the national edition as the article refers to a local New York event.  

Still this is my first official NY Times photo credit.  I look forward to receiving the check!



2 thoughts to “My first New York Times credit

  • andyfinkel

    Mazaltov, may it be the first of many.

  • Anonymous

    Responding to your blog acknow.
    request. Mazeltov on the photograhic NY recognition. Look forward to hearing of more. How are the boys doing ???.
    Cant make much sense of trying to type in this space…it keeps jumping about.

    Love to all. Dad.


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