Sunday June 10, 2012.  Hyderabad.

Today Kelly and I spent about day cooking with Hamsa

Our menu included dhosas (Indian crepes) with potato tilling and lentil sambar (stew) with a coconut chutney for lunch.  Everyone seemed to enjoy these.  The dhosas are made from left over rice, raw soaked rice, and raw soaked lentils made into a batter and rested overnight  Just before cooking some baking soda and salt get added and then the process is very similar to making French crepes.

After lunch the boys went swimming with the Ventimiglias while Kelly and I made a few more recipes:

  • Hyderabad Chicken – a baked spicy dish.
  • Chicken with Sweet Corn – a mild curry that was a hit with everyone.
  • Palak koftas – Spinach balls. Loved the spicy sauce, the spinach balls themselves were very hard.
  • Aloo Paratha – bread stuffed with potato filling.
  • Spiced rice

Hamsa uses a couple of Indian cuisine cookbooks, but the main one with 1,000 different recipes I was able to find for a bargain on and so it should be waiting for us when we return.


The Hash House Harriers is an international running/walking and social club and in Hyderabad they meet each Sunday.  Phil and Laura invited us to join them for a Hash (what the club calls their walks and runs) and we had a chance to get a little exercise and meet some other Hyderabad residents – both ex pats and locals.  Kelly decided to stay at the house and finish cooking, so the boys and I went along and I got to learn a little about local politics and received a strong recommendation to visit the Salar Jung museum from one of the locals.  The local landscape has some interesting granite boulders as can be seen from this traffic circle.


We came back to the house to eat all the great food Kelly and Hamsa made.  Even something as simple as rice is special here.  We’ve spiced our rice water with some cardamom or cloves before, but here they use cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and bay leaves.  Add a little turmeric and you have super tasty yellow rice.  By the way, a huge bag of bay leaves, at one of the most expensive stores in town was RP5 or about 10 US cents.  Looking forward to buying a bunch of spices before we leave Delhi in a few weeks.

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  • Kelly Finkel

    This post should actually be dated June 12, not the 20th. ~Kelly


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