“It’s a Long Way to Tipperary” as the song goes.  But it’s much further to Mumbai (formerly Bombay).

We arrived at Austin’s Bergstrom airport around 8a, for our 9:55am flight.  Some 28 hours later we touched down in Mumbai after layovers in New York and London.  Leaving New York there were bad storms in the area so we sat on the plane and ended up leaving about 90 minutes late, which made the connection in Heathrow just enough time to haul ourselves from Terminal 3 to Terminal 4 which is quite a ways.

The flight from London to Mumbai was on Jet Airways, the leading Indian Airline and one which I was not familiar with before this year’s travels.  However, I must say that I was very impressed – the aircraft was in good condition, the meals were very tasty, legroom was more than I was expecting, and the entertainment system was very good.

Unfortunately there was a screw up with the meals – I had ordered vegetarian for me and vegan for Kelly.  American Airlines said they would take care of the requests and forward similar ones to Jet.  As it turned out, on our transatlantic American Airlines flight only one meal had been reserved, but they had a veggie (dairy) option as part of the regular meal choices.  Interestingly the spread with the vegan meal had whey in it, and for breakfast they served buttery croissants and yoghurt!

On the Jet flight it appeared that no meal request made it through.  I guess I‘ll need to send American Airlines a nasty gram when we get back.

Arrival in Mumbai was early and 3 of our 4 bags came out pretty quickly, but unfortunately it took another 20 minutes or so for the last one to make it onto the belt, but in the end we were 4 for 4 in our bags making it to India.

They have a good plan at Mumbai airport whereby you get a prepaid taxi voucher from an official desk, which keeps the taxi fare standardized and reasonable – no gouging.  About US$80 for a 40 minute ride to our hotel, which is the YMCA International Center.  Rooms are decently priced, clean, and come with breakfast and dinner, although we haven’t had dinner there yet.

Around 1am we hit the sack and worked on getting some zzzzzzs. 

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