We now have another university graduate in the family.  Benjamin graduated yesterday from the College of Natural Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and a certificate in Asian Language studies (Chinese) and high honors.

The graduation was held at UT’s Erwin center which is where they play basketball games as well as stage large concerts and other events.   This is actually the same location that the Austin Independent School district uses for its area High School graduations, so there was a bit of deja vu about the affair since both Ben and Aaron had their high school graduations here also.

The Dean of the College of Natural Sciences was the MC for the event and did his best to share a few humorous anecdotes and pieces of parting advice for the students.  With Biology Sciences being the most popular major in the College of Natural Sciences, they have all the non Biology students (inc. Ben) graduate in the 8am session, while all the Biology Science students come to the same place at noon for their ceremony.

You can spot Ben in the upper right center of the image looking out among the sea of students.  I particularly liked how some of the students had decorated their mortar boards.  Some of them (not pictured) were quite elaborate, and I suspect those were the graduates of the Fashion and Textiles program.

Of course Ben’s name would be called just as my camera battery ran low and I was in the midst of changing it.  At least I got one image of him crossing the stage, although it looks like he is about to give the Dean a chest bump!

The stadium may not look full, but there were several hundred grads there and it took a few hours to call them all up.

Afterwards we were able to meet up by the flagpoles and get a few pictures with mom,

brother, and

girlfriend Sarah (who graduated at noon).

Thanks to Sarah for getting a nice picture of the four of us.  The sun went behind a cloud for about 15 seconds allowing us to get a nice image.

This is what it looks like when several hundred graduates try to meet their family and friends while avoiding the several hundred other students who are on their way into the same arena to get ready for their graduation ceremony.

This morning we had a few friends over for a graduation brunch.  Kelly cooked for hours yesterday and made some lovely food that we’ll probably be enjoying for most of the week.

Congratulations to Ben (and all the other graduates of 2012 and their families).

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