As a working photographer I spend a lot of time on my feet.  And when we travel during the summer, we tend to do a LOT of walking.  Its a great way to see where you are and a decent substitute for the regular exercise we’re not doing that we normally do at home. But boy did my feet get tired.

Learning to wear comfortable shoes is something I figured out a long time ago.  But more recently I started paying attention to the socks I wear.  Kelly discovered Thorlo socks a while back and really likes them for hiking.  I’ve had thick woolen hiking socks (and artificial fabric versions) for years that did me great service when hiking in cool locations like Ireland, but these are very uncomfortable in the hot weather of Texas (and Spain and Portugal) and tend to get itcy.

A while back, I came across cotton socks with very thick, toweling-like soles, and the difference they make is amazing.  For one thing, I find that after a long gig wearing these, my feet don’t ache as they used to, even better than wearing gel insoles. Also, in hot weather, I find them very agreeable – more so than wearing sandals without socks.  When in a hot climate, they absorb any sweat and keep my feet dry and comfortable.

You may find that you need a slightly larger shoe, but if you achy feet at the end of the day, try some extra thick cotton socks!

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