At one of the port lodges, they told us that the next tour in English would be around 4:15.  Kelly said “but it is already 5 o’clock” to which the nice lady responded “no, it is only 4 right now”.  So we discovered that for the last few days we have been blissfully going around with our watches left on Spanish time, one hour later than London, and it turns out that Portugal is an hour earlier than Spain (same time as London).

The only thing I’ve ever had happen to me that is similar to this was when I went on a business trip to the middle of Alabama.  It worked out best for me to fly into Atlanta, Georgia, which keeps East coast time, then drive for a few hours to my destination Opelika, Alabama.  Actually, to give you an idea of how remote the location was, it was near Opelika.  “Near” somewhere you’ve never heard of is usually a pretty good indication that you are going to be in the boonies.  As I drove along the freeway from Atlanta and crossed west into Alabama, a sign noted that I was now in Central time (same as Austin, Texas) and thus I had effectively regained an hour in my day.

The place I was staying turned out to be a Marriott resort hotel on one of the Robert Trent Jones golf courses that are spread across the state.  The weather was beautiful, and the course looked tantalizing.  Although I had not come prepared to play golf, I had a fair amount of time on the day after I finished my work when I would return home, so I arranged to get an early tee time and rent some clubs.  The starter was unable to find a playing partner, so I enjoyed the round on my own and made extra good time.  I just hoped that I wouldn’t get a hole in one as there would be no one to witness it!

After I packed up and headed back to Atlanta for my return flioght, I congratulated myself on some good time management and actually being ahead of schedule.  About halfway through the drive, I suddenly saw the sign that I was now leaving Central time and was in Eastern time and thus had an hour less to get to the airport!  The Georgia State Troopers are famous for their strictness, so I am glad that I didn’t run into any as I put my foot down and rushed to Atlanta’s Hartsfield airport.  It all turned out okay and I made by flight home.  Luckily I was flying American Airlines, which has a small presence in Atlanta and thus did not have to go through the huge security lines in the Delta terminal.

Thinking about it on the plane ride home, I realized that in all my travels, this was the first time I had flown into one time zone in order to work in another.

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