So this is a first for me.   Sitting at 30,000 feet and doing a blog entry.  On previous trips, I’ve generally done real time online blogging.  The few off line tools that I previously tried didn’t really do what I wanted,  But today, I am giving  Windows Live Writer 2011 a spin and it seems to work well (time will tell!)  Can’t beat the price of $0.

Kelly asked me how to transfer images to the computer, so while we waited for our Chicago bound plane, I shot a quick image on my new Olympus Pen EPL-2 and using Adobe Lightroom we imported in onto the Netbook._6120264

It won’t win any Pulitzer prizes, but does give me the chance to test the key feature I found lacking in previous offline blog tools, and that was reliable image control, i.e. the ability to load a photo white not actually connected to the blog.

Our plans are to spend a few days in Dublin visiting my parents, then head over to London to meet up with my brothers, sisters-in-law and some friends and then jet off to the Iberian peninsula to roam around independently.  We begin in Barcelona for a few days, then pick up a car and drive for a few weeks before ending up in Madrid, where we plan to turn in the car, explore the capital for a few days, then head back to Austin.  In between we hope to see as much of Spain and Portugal as time, patience, and treasury permit.  If we are really lucky, we’ll also do some stops in Gibraltar and Tangiers.  Hmmm,  can you say tagine?

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