Got up early, had breakfast and drove to Cancun airport, just south of the eponymous town.  As we drove north, we passed the luxury resorts of Playa Del Carmen with their huge gateways off the main highway.  Seemed like a different Mexico to what we had experienced the rest of the trip.

Once we got to the airport and returned the car, we checked in for our Mexicana flight to Guatemala City.  With some time to kill at the airport, I wandered around a bit and was amazed at how expensive everything was there.  Having been in a lot of international airports all over the world, I am used to seeing inflated prices, but this seemed crazy.  A bottle of coke was about 5-6 times more than what it cost in a normal Mexican shop and seemed more than at a US airport.  Looking at the prices in duty free, they seemed worse than what we get at a local liquor shop in Austin.  Very strange.

The flight to Guatemala City was uneventful – the plane was a CRJ200, a commuter jet.  We exited the airport and took an official taxi for the one hour ride to La Antigua to meet up with our friend Deet Lewis, who had been our SERVAS guest in Austin about two years ago.   In the confusion of exiting the taxi, meeting our hosts, and paying the cab driver we realized that we only had two of our suitcases after he had driven off!  We had repacked our bags the previous night so Kelly and I had almost all our stuff in one bag, Aaron had his bag, and in the third we put our diving gear, some of the things we had bought and other stuff we didn’t need.  That was the bag that we lost and if we had to loose one bag, that’s the one we would choose.   We gave the taxi driver a couple of days to bring back the bag in case it was a mistake, but no luck.  Luckily we have insurance, so hopefully no major harm done.

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