Another beautiful day in paradise!

The island (Caye) really does look liked it stepped off a travel brochure. The water is incredibly blue and clear, the beaches clean and white and the people warm and friendly.

The weather is warm and a bit humid at times, but overall quite pleasant.

Yesterday we took our first dive and snorkeling trip. In the morning we practiced our snorkeling around and under the docks where we found lots of fish, including a ray and a couple of boxfish.

The dive was at the Hol Chan marine reserve which is pretty shallow (max depth 30′) but stunning, none the less. Saw lots of hard and soft coral, sea anemones, rays, nurse sharks, sea turtles. Perhaps my favorite were the tiniest fish, maybe 1″ in length or less, but often with brilliant purple, orange and blue coloration.

After the diving, we snorkeled at “shark ray alley” where they bring some chum to attract sharks and rays. Some of the sharks as pretty large – 6′ or longer, but very docile and happy enough to be hugged. Lots of jacks (a tasty local fish) also to be seen. Very fun.

The water is very warm – about 84 degrees Fahrenheit, so we are only diving with rashguard shirts, not wetsuits.

Our rented house is about 2 miles south of town so pretty quiet. We pass by a few lagoons on the way home and spotted the sign in the photograph. Quickly put a damper on any ideas of swimming in the lagoons and in fact we saw a good sized crocodile (more than 6′ in length) there our first night.

Today we went diving on the main reef at Dardanellos Cut. A little deeper, max. 60′, we again saw fantastic reef in clear water with lots of fish, including many nurse sharks again. In fact, the moment I entered the water, I felt some bumps on my fins and legs. When I looked down, there were a few large nurse sharks checking me out. This time we also saw lobsters as well as groupers in addition to similar marine life we had seen yesterday. Coincidentally Kelly and I had grouper for dinner last night! Apart from the nausea I have from seasickness, having a great time!

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