This week Lauren Greenfield was in town and presented to the Austin Center for Photography from her body work on youth culture. Got the chance to spend a few minutes with her and chat at a private reception beforehand. I thought I shoot a lot of images when I return from a month long trip with 3,000 photos. She told me she thinks she sometimes “overshoots a bit” now that she is all digital. On a recent trip to France and Italy for fashion week she shot over 28,000 images! Back home she has over 25TB of storage and she triple backs up all her images (even on the road).

Her presentation was excellent, but one of the “heaviest” of its kind that I’ve been to. Many of her images were of young women suffering from eating disorders, some involved with self mutilation. Very powerful stuff and lots to think about.

She also showed a number of images from her “Kids and Money” project which is also the subject of one of her documentary films. The image shown here was taken at a Bar Mitzvah in Los Angeles where the parents had hired go go dancers for the party. And I thought I’d just about seen it all in the Bar and Bat Mitzvahs I photograph!

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