We’ve been offering a variety of photo entertainment services for a while, but far and away our most popular service has been greenscreen/chromakey whereby we take an image of guests in front of a green screen and then replace the green in the image with a background of the client’s choosing. Our “classic” green screen is approx. 10′ wide and 8′ high which requires a decent amount of room to operate, but which allows us to take pictures of small groups.

This service remains very popular, but some clients have asked if we could do anything smaller in scale and/or less expensive. Enter our Greenscreen Lite service. This is identical to our regular green screen service, except:
a. The screen is smaller – approx. 5’x7′, which allows 1 or 2 subjects per image.
b. The space requirements are much smaller.
c. We include 200 prints in the service, additional prints are at additional cost. The classic green screen has unlimited prints per event.
d. Only one operator is needed to run the system.

This enables us to offer this service for about 25% less than our classic service.

In addition to green screens, we also offer:
– Photos with borders
– Photo booths
– “Boothless” photo booths
– Event photography with onsite printing
– Onsite minilab rental

So we have services for parties with 25 – 1,000 or more guests at a variety of price points.

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